August 21, 2009

CNN one province off in squirrel report

A U.S. news network has been found geographically challenged, coming up one province off in its report on a photo-op hogging squirrel, alert Canadians noted.

Akin to citing a dateline such as Chicago, Wis., the CNN report described the incident about the precocious rodent as happening near Banff in British Columbia, rather than Alberta, the Calgary Herald reported.

Canada has 10 provinces and three territories.

The photo of the squirrel appeared in National Geographic magazine this month and is on thousands of Web sites after sitting up on two hind legs while a U.S. couple posed for a timed photograph.

The Herald said U.S. ignorance of geography is also evident in Arizona, where a sign on Mount Lemmon also refers to Banff, British Columbia, as being at the same elevation and having similar vegetation.

American ignorance isn't restricted to Canada, as the Herald noted a 2006 National Geographic survey found half of U.S. youth couldn't pinpoint New York or identify the Mississippi River on a map.