August 21, 2009

Italian town wants medieval weapons back

Officials in a central Italian town said they are asking a Rome museum to return 12th-century weapons, including armor, axes, swords, crossbows and helmets.

The weapons originated from a fortress within the walled town of Gradara and were sold to Rome's Castel Sant'Angelo museum by the last private owner of the fortress in the 1920s, ANSA reported Friday.

The museum has had the weapons in storage.

Massimo Vannucci, a resident of the town and a member of the Italian Parliament, said the arms have never gone on display at Castel Sant'Angelo and need to be restored.

Vannucci, a member of the Democratic Party, said the Gradara City Council is willing to pay for the restoration of the weapons if they are offered on a temporary loan from the museum so they can be displayed in the fortress.