August 23, 2009

Police to sell confiscated guns to dealers

The Colorado Springs City Council is working on a program to allow its police department to sell confiscated guns to gun dealers, the vice mayor said.

The final details should be approved by the council in a few weeks, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday. Officials said they hope the sales will bring in about $10,000 a year, Vice Mayor Larry Small said.

That represents a small dent in the $50,000 budget deficit the city faces, Small said, but it helps.

The Police Department initially objected to the plan and is moving to address concerns people have expressed about the sales, Police Lt. David Whitlock said.

There's all kinds of ancillary issues, one of which is the politics of being in the gun-selling business, Whitlock said. The other is not introducing another weapon into the community.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police advises destroying firearms rather than selling them, the newspaper reported.