August 24, 2009

Britain seeks safer pints

The British Home Office has convened a team of designers to create an alternative to the traditional pint glass for beer in pubs.

Home Office officials said the designers have been charged with creating several new drinking vessels within four months as alternatives to the traditional pint glass, which has been linked to a growing number of injuries in violent incidents at pubs, The Times of London reported Monday.

Sebastian Conran, head of the Home Office's Design and Technology Alliance Against Crime, said pint glasses are involved in an estimated 87,000 injuries each year. He said the largest obstacle to creating a replacement for the glasses is finding a design the public will embrace.

There are existing plastic glasses and if you go to a baseball game in the United States you can buy beer in a paper cup, he said. People are quite used to drinking beer out of plastic and paper things but there is a feeling that in public, it is a traditional thing to drink beer out of a glass.