August 24, 2009

Confused tourist locked in town hall

A British woman who confused a French town hall for a hotel was locked in the building overnight, town officials said.

Mayor Paul Mumbach of Dannemarie said the tourist entered the building Friday night while officials were in a meeting and the officials left and locked the doors behind them while the woman was in the lavatory, The Times of London reported Monday.

Mumbach said the woman attempted to attract attention by turning on the town halls' lights and leaving a note on the door in broken but comprehensible French reading: I am shut in. Can someone open the door?

The message was seen Saturday morning by the councilor, who called Mumbach to come unlock the doors.

I came across a woman of about 30. She explained in English to me that she was British and that she had been looking for a hotel, he said. She kept apologizing and then left as quickly as possible.