August 24, 2009

Police: Robber cited bad jerky as motive

Authorities in Cleveland said a barber who admitted to robbing a store two doors from his business was angry at the shop for selling him bad beef jerky.

Police said the 28-year-old barber, who was known to the clerk at the party store, covered his mouth with a small cloth and demanded money from the clerk Thursday evening at the shop, which is two doors away from the barbershop, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Monday.

The clerk told police the robber became irate at being recognized and ran out of the store with the cash register, which contained $98.

The first police officer to respond to the scene was a customer of the barber, authorities said. The suspect was found at his girlfriend's house and told detectives he used the money from the robbery to buy a pizza in Little Italy.

Sgt. Tom Shoulders said officers were baffled by the barber's explanation for why he targeted the party store.

He bought a beef stick, and it got him and his dog sick, Shoulders said. That's why he robbed the place. He said it with a straight face.

The suspect was taken to jail on suspicion of aggravated robbery.