August 25, 2009

Police: Shoplifter returned to ask for job

British police said they arrested a man who showed up for a job interview at a store he had stolen from three days earlier.

Investigators said Simon Holden, 22, applied for a job at a Colne, England, Asda supermarket and was recognized by the manager when he arrived for an interview, The Sun reported Tuesday.

Store bosses said closed-circuit TV footage depicts Holden stealing four boxes of lager from the store three days before his interview. They said Holden ran off with two more crates of alcohol after he discovered he had been recognized.

It must have taken some brass neck for this man to apply for a job at the store he stole from just days earlier, an Asda worker said. Normally employers have to check job references when it comes to looking at CVs -- not check CCTV footage to see if their candidates might have been spotted shoplifting there a few days beforehand. As applying for jobs go this one ranks with having the most breathtaking cheek ever.

Holden was arrested hours after the aborted interview and charged with breaching a suspended jail term for a house burglary.