August 26, 2009

Meteorite stolen from Connecticut store

Connecticut state police say someone stole a meteorite worth $2,200 from a gift shop at a nature activity center.

State police Sgt. Chris Johnson said the 30-pound meteorite comprised of nickel and iron disappeared from The Dinosaur Place, a retail store along Route 85 that has been victimized by shoplifting in the past, The Hartford (Conn.) Courant reported Wednesday.

Roger Phillips, co-owner of The Dinosaur Place, said the theft last Friday or Saturday was unlike previous thefts.

How many times do you have an object from outer space missing? Phillips asked the Courant.

Phillips said there were no signs of a break-in, making him suspect the meteorite was taken by a customer during business hours.

The Courant said Phillips is still attempting to determine how someone actually stole the chunk of space rock, which was originally found in Argentina, without being seen.

Something like this is unusual because of its weight, he said. Of course, we wonder, 'how did they get it out of the store?'