August 26, 2009

UConn sacking acrobatic cheerleaders

University of Connecticut fans will no longer see cheerleaders performing tumbles and stunts at sporting events, the school has announced.

The UConn cheerleaders are being replaced by a new spirit squad that won't be doing any acrobatics to get the fans fired up, The Hartford (Conn.) Courant reported Wednesday.

By changing the style, and not requiring gymnastics experience, we will be able to offer the opportunity to participate to a broader pool of students, the university said in a statement explaining the change.

The Courant says the change is particularly dispiriting for cheerleaders who came to UConn to perform gymnastic moves with a traditional squad.

They are disrespecting cheerleaders in general by doing this, said Alanna Ferguson, who made the cheerleading squad last year as a freshman from Windham, N.H. I know people really enjoy watching us when we do our pyramid and stunts, flipping people into air.