August 26, 2009

Cereal CD connects to porn site

A Swedish woman said a free body jam dance CD that came with her breakfast cereal directed her computer to a Web site featuring hardcore pornography.

Ida Riedel Palmer, 23, of Umea, said the Nestle Fitness cereal she purchased during the weekend was advertised as containing the free exercise CD, but the disc took her computer to a pornographic Web site, The Local reported Wednesday.

I chose the brand of cereal because of the free CD. I was at first disappointed but then worried that maybe I had a virus on my computer. I called my boyfriend to check if he had been using my computer, but he told me he hadn't, she said.

Palmer said she tested the CD in two other computers and was faced with the same results.

It was not soft porn. It was definitely what I would categorize as unpleasant porn -- not that I know much about it, she said.

The woman said Nestle has promised to investigate the matter. She said the incident has not soured her on the cereal.

No I haven't changed cereal. But I have bought another packet, she said.