August 26, 2009

Man shoots self while chasing opossum

A 61-year-old Washington state man says he accidentally shot himself in the leg while chasing an opossum that had been terrorizing his chickens.

Larry Tenbrink, 61, of Mount Vernon said his chickens began disappearing months ago and he would always find signs of a struggle in the morning. But he never spotted the thief, a cat-sized opossum, until Sunday night, the Skagit Valley (Wash.) Herald reported Wednesday.

Tenbrink said he heard his chickens, which he keeps as a hobby, carrying on about 11 p.m. and grabbed his .22-caliber pistol when he saw the opossum chasing the birds.

But Tenbrink, who said he does not drink, accidentally pulled the trigger too early and shot himself through the lower right thigh.

He said doctors were unable to find the bullet and sent him home only a few hours after he arrived at the hospital.

It's sore, but if you don't think about it, it doesn't bother ya, Tenbrink said.

He said his next attempt to catch the opossum will involve a trap instead of a gun.