August 27, 2009

Online orders pour in for winking pants

A Washington state retiree said he is swamped with Internet orders for Winkers, pants that wink while the wearer walks.

William Jones, 73, of Everett, said he designed his first pair of Winkers, which use the crease between a wearer's buttock and the top of the leg to create animated images, as a pair of winking eyes a few years ago, the Everett (Wash.) Herald reported Thursday.

Jones said his Web site for the product has amassed more than a quarter-million hits since it went live less than a week ago.

We're swamped, Jones said. It caught me off guard. I wasn't ready for what happened.

Jones said he created each pair of Winkers by hand in his living room. He said it can take him up to 10 hours to complete a single pair.

Winkers start at $159 for the basic winking eyes and reach prices of $579 for more elaborate designs.