August 28, 2009

Police: Bear adept at opening cars

The interior of a Colorado man's car was destroyed by a black bear authorities said has become an expert at opening car doors.

Jeff Leistad of Vail said he went outside his home Sunday night to investigate the cause of his dog's barking and saw a black bear tearing up the inside of his brand new Subaru Forester, the Vail Daily reported Friday.

The bear was inside my car, freaking out and going crazy because he couldn't get out for a good 15 minutes, Leistad said.

It was literally like out of the movies, he said. My whole interior is totaled.

Leistad said he reported the damage to his insurance company and is waiting to hear back.

Police said the bear, which ran off after officers opened the car door and shot it with pellet guns, is adept at opening car doors and has broken into several others vehicles in the area.

A Colorado Division of Wildlife spokesman said the organization has unsuccessfully attempted to catch the bear. He said officials may try to relocate the bruin if it continues to cause property damage.