August 30, 2009

Swedish nightclub: No tattooed women

A Swedish night club turned away two women because they sported visible tattoos, the club manager said.

The Swing Inn, a Malmo club with a policy of excluding women with tattoos, had permitted the women entrance on other occasions during the past few years, Swedish News Agency TT reported one of the women said last week.

They told us that they don't let in women with visible tattoos. But if we put on a sweater it would be alright, Jessica Brotherton said, referring to herself and her friend.

The Swing Inn has a longstanding policy against tattoos, said Gabrielle Holst, the club manager.

We want to have a well-groomed clientele with neat clothing. We think that tattoos look distasteful, Holst said, adding the policy only applies to visible tattoos, as the management cannot ask patrons to remove their clothes.