August 31, 2009

‘Star Trek’ inspires fragrance line

An online company's line of Star Trek inspired fragrances was met with mixed reactions at the Fan Expo Canada convention in Toronto.

Genki Wear, an online fan merchandise company, is selling three new fragrances in the wake of this year's successful Star Trek film: Pon Farr, named for the mating ritual of the Vulcan species; Tiberius, named after Captain James Tiberius Kirk; and Red Shirt, a reference to the expendable extras commonly killed on away missions.

The fragrances drew the attention of several Star Trek fans attending the last day of the convention Sunday.

Sally Grande, 58, said she plans to wear Pon Farr every day and the Vulcan-inspired scent even found the interest of franchise star Leonard Nimoy.

However, some fans described the new products as an over-the-top marketing gimmick.

How the hell does Star Trek smell anyway? To me it smells like a VHS tape, Maya Ter Stege, 21, said.