August 31, 2009

‘Sopranos’ actor sues N.Y. lottery

A New York actor whose credits include The Sopranos and Analyze That is suing the state lottery over a misprinted scratch-off ticket.

Vinny Vella, 62, who played Jimmy Petrille on HBO's The Sopranos, said in his lawsuit against the New York State Lottery that his $500 Million Extravaganza lottery ticket, which cost $20, displayed two sevens, which earns a $5 million payout, the New York Post reported Monday.

However, Vella said the state lottery office told him the ticket he purchased in June was supposed to display a seven and a 17, but the 1 was washed out due to a printing error. One of the sevens on the scratch-off displays the abbreviation SVTN under it.

Vella is being represented by lawyer Frank Blangiardo, who is also representing a Deer Park, N.Y., widow whose $500 Million Extravaganza ticket displayed a pair of sixes. The woman, Jeanne Consola, said lottery officials told her the ticket she purchased was misprinted and was supposed to display a six and a 26.