September 1, 2009

Forgetful student gets lucky break

A 19-year-old student in Canada doesn't know who to thank for turning in his backpack containing $20,000 at the Vancouver International Airport.

Leon Lu, 19, returned to British Columbia on the weekend after visiting his parents in China. He told The Province newspaper he was tired after 24 hours of flying when he set down his carry-on backpack in the baggage claim area.

In it was the $20,000 in cash his parents gave him for tuition at the University of British Columbia, his passport and other identification.

Lu said when he got home and realized it was missing, he panicked and raced back to the airport expecting the worst.

However, his bag was at the lost and found desk, although staff had given the money to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for safekeeping, the report said.

Nothing was missing, and Lu said airport staff couldn't tell him who had turned the backpack in, but he had a message for the person.

I want to say thanks from the deepest part of my heart, he said.