September 1, 2009

Britons open ‘Mad Max’ museum in Australia

A British fan of the post-apocalyptic film Mad Max and its sequels is opening a museum for the movies in the small Australian town where they were shot.

Adrian Bennett, 45, said he moved from Bradford, England, to Adelaide, Australia, with his wife and two sons three years ago and last month they relocated to the remote Outback town of Silverton, on the border of South Australia and New South Wales, The Times of London reported Tuesday.

Bennett, who first saw Mad Max and first sequel The Road Warrior as a double feature in 1982, said he has spent years re-creating the Interceptor car driven by Mel Gibson in the films from a Ford Falcon Coupe. He said the car will form a major part of his planned Mad Max museum, which he said will also include other vehicles from the movies, photographs from the set and other memorabilia.

Locals said they welcomed their new neighbors and the museum plan as means of boosting tourism in the town of 51, which residents estimated has 140,000 tourists each year.