September 1, 2009

Man allegedly repeats pit toilet crime

Authorities in Maine said a man accused of climbing into an outhouse pit toilet was convicted of trespassing for a similar offense in 2005.

Gary Moody, 49, of Pittston, Maine, who pleaded no contest to trespassing in 2005 after he was caught hiding in a pit toilet on White Mountain National Forest property in New Hampshire, was allegedly spotted climbing out of a pit toilet at the White Mountain National Forest's Hastings Campground in Maine on Memorial Day, the Portland (Maine) Press Herald reported Tuesday.

Based on the extremely rare nature of this type of activity, the fact that Gary Moody had a previous conviction for the same activity, and the fact that Moody had a last known address in the Gardiner, Maine, area, I decided to locate and interview Moody, U.S. Forest Service special agent William Fors wrote after visiting Moody July 19. He said Moody admitted to climbing into pit toilets on more than two occasions.

Moody, whose 30-day jail sentence for the 2005 conviction was suspended in exchange for two years of probation, is charged in federal court with one count of attempted violation of privacy, one count of entering an enclosed area not open to the public and one count of leaving refuse in an exposed and unsanitary condition, all misdemeanors. If convicted, Moody could face up to six months in prison and a $5,000 fine for each charge.