September 2, 2009

Couple celebrate fridge’s 50th birthday

A British couple said family and friends enjoyed cake, cheese and wine at their home to mark their refrigerator's 50th birthday.

Paul Howkins, 75, said he and his wife, Val, hosted the shindig at their Coventry, England, home to celebrate the fridge that has adorned their kitchen since August 1959, four years after their wedding, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.

Everyone tells us to get rid of it but we don't want to, Howkins said. Most people didn't have fridges 50 years ago but our kitchen faced south so it was warm. We had a piece of beef on a lump of concrete and it went rotten, so I said we had to buy a fridge.

Howkins said many people are surprised to learn the age of the appliance.

The thermostat went about 30 years ago and when I took it to Prestcold to get another one the man said where on Earth did you get that? They didn't even make fridges any more by that point, he said.