September 3, 2009

Bear dead after years of break-ins

Animal authorities in Montana said a grizzly bear accused of multiple home invasions during the past few years has been captured and euthanized.

Tim Manley, the investigator charged with tracking down a bear dubbed Albino Basin Male, No. 191, said the approximately 20-year-old animal was captured when it returned Monday to a home it had previously broken into near Condon, Mont., The (Missoula, Mont.) Missoulian reported.

Manley said the bear was euthanized Tuesday as a result of its age and the condition of its teeth, which had been damaged by years of chewing on homes and refrigerators.

He didn't have any incisors left, Manley said, and his canines were worn down by more than half.

The investigator said putting the bear down was a last resort, but given the history of repeated conflict ... I hope people understand we did what we felt we needed to do.