September 4, 2009

Teen wedged in toilet at music festival

A British teenager said she had to be rescued by firefighters and hosed off when her shoulders became wedged in a long-drop wooden toilet at a music festival.

Charlotte Taylor, 18, of East Boldon, England, said she dropped her handbag into the toilet during last weekend's Leeds Festival and became stuck while attempting to retrieve it, the Sunderland Echo reported Friday.

It had my phone, ticket and all my money in it, so if I left it I would have been stranded, Taylor said. I put one hand down but I couldn't reach so I put the other one down too to try and grab it. I had both my hands down the toilet. I was straining so far down that I got wedged.

Taylor said a friend summoned firefighters to help.

Two firefighters got hold of me on either side and pulled and pulled at me, she said. They pulled so hard I got bruises on my hips and shoulders. Eventually they got me out by sheer force. They took me away to the showers where I had to get undressed and I was hosed down.

The teenager said she was amused by the different rumors circulating around the festival about the incident -- including a claim that a dwarf had drowned in a toilet -- and the line of Poo Girl merchandise that sprung up on the Internet after the festival.