September 5, 2009

Half jewel heist take stolen from thieves?

One of the men involved in the biggest jewelry robbery in British history has taken off with half the haul, gang sources say.

The Mirror, citing sources in the London underworld, reports the fugitive, nicknamed Tim Slim but Dim, has to stay clear of the police and the man who organized the holdup at Graff Diamonds in fashionable Mayfair. He was described as a 52-year-old with ties to Russian mobsters.

Two men held up Graff, making off with more than 40 million pounds ($65 million) in jewelry. The loot was in two bags, and the Mirror's sources said Tim has one of them.

The gang have been betrayed by one of their own and the gang leader is furious, a source said. He has told his crew to find this traitor at all costs. They think the guy is bound to be hiding abroad and fear he is biding his time to try to move on the jewelry and make millions.

The sources said the mastermind of the crime is angry because the Russian mob expects a cut and because he collects watches and had his eye on a diamond-encrusted Bulgari watch valued at close to $2 million.