September 6, 2009

Python finds home in man’s toilet

A 10-foot python wrested from the plumbing of a toilet was harmless but had sharp teeth and an attitude, a snake wrangler near Darwin, Australia, said.

So if you felt something bite you on the bottom while you were on the toilet it would give you a hell of a fright, said Craig Peberdy, a reptile expert who caught the snake and relocated it in the wild.

Peberdy was called to the home of Erik Rantzau after the python developed a routine of slithering in from the garden and curling up in the toilet bowl, The Sunday Times of London reported.

I've seen it on and off around the property for the last 10 years, but never in the dunny, said Rantzau, who lives in a rain forest.

Rantzau said he didn't mind if the snake he named Axl occasionally glided through the room while he was watching TV, but taking up residence in the toilet was another story.

You think you might find a spider or a green tree frog in your dunny, but not a snake, Rantzau said.