September 6, 2009

Rude college students increasingly a norm

College students are ruder and more disrespectful that they were years ago, Illinois college instructors say.

Citing factors such as technology distractions and failure of parents to instill good manners in their children, professors and other college teachers say they experience some dissatisfaction and frustration in dealing with students' rude or inappropriate behavior, the Chicago Tribune reported Sunday.

Instructors say technology has created a generation that is focused on iPods, text messaging and cell phones and has an attitude of undue informality and indifference toward instructors, the newspaper said.

The prestige of the teacher and the professors as providers of knowledge and wisdom has decreased as the importance of the information technology has increased, said P.M. Forni, an Italian literature professor and director of the Civility Initiative at Johns Hopkins University.

Some professors say the trend reflects an increasingly badly-behaved society. Almost 70 percent of Americans polled in 2005 said they think people are ruder than they were in the last two generations, the Tribune reported.