September 7, 2009

University offers Wii-based gym class

Officials at the University of Houston said they have found an effective strategy for drawing students to fitness classes -- using the Nintendo Wii.

Charles Layne, chairman of health and human performance at the school, said students taking the Wii-based fitness course can earn an hour of credit, the same given to students who take weight lifting or sports classes, for playing physically active games such as Wii Fit, the Houston Chronicle reported Monday.

Layne said the Wii class stemmed from the school's desire to attract students who would otherwise avoid fitness classes.

Ben Hoffman, the instructor of the class, said students are required to log 20 to 30 minutes of activity on the games each class.

I laughed at first, Hoffman said of his reaction to the announcement of the Wii class. I have one, so I knew it wasn't just playing video games on your couch.