September 8, 2009

Victoria’s big bloomers sell for $989

A British auctioneer said a pair of bloomers that once belonged to Queen Victoria fetched a high bid of $989.

Charles Hanson, the Derby, England, auctioneer in charge of the sale, said the bloomers, which were worn by the queen in the later years of her 1837-1901 reign, garnered interest from buyers spanning the globe, Sky News reported Tuesday.

There was interest from all over the world, Hanson said of the bloomers, which measure 52 inches around the waist.

We had three or four Americans who were caught up in the romance of Queen Victoria, I think, and then there is a lady from Vancouver who has a great collection, he said. She was the underbidder in this case, the higher bid came from the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection.

Hanson said the bloomers will join the collection at Kensington Palace in London.