September 8, 2009

Healthcare bill: Hear all about it

People wanting to learn more about the 1,000-page-plus healthcare reform bill developed in the U.S. House can point, click and listen to the bill on the Web.

Voice actors donated their time to create Web site, committing to making it possible for you to hear the healthcare bill now before Congress, they said on the Web site.

Listeners can listen to HR 3200 in its entirety, or catch one of the 62 audio files broken out by number of pages and page lines.

We do this so that you can make an informed decision, the group wrote on the Web site's home page. Armed with specifics, you can then speak to your representatives empowered with the facts that make your opinion an educated one -- one with weight.

For those who don't want to keep the Web site running until the bill has run its aural course, the audio of the bill can be downloaded and heard as an audiobook.

Still want to read the bill? There's a PDF version available for reading on-screen or on paper.