September 9, 2009

Canadian man on anti-moose mission

The moose may be a majestic animal of the north woods to many but Canadian Eugene Nippard calls them land mines and wants their numbers reduced.

That's because moose are so huge they can mangle cars when the two come in contact on highways. So the Grand-Falls Windsor man is lobbying provincial officials to allow hunters to kill more of them -- the moose, that is.

If you reduce the number of moose, you are going to reduce the number of accidents, Nippard told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

He says the province also should cut back the brush along roads and consider building fences along them.

Statistics reveal there are more than 700 moose-vehicle collisions in Newfoundland and Labrador each year. And so far this year, four people have died in car-moose crashes in the province. There are about 120,000 moose in the province.

Nippard has gotten about 12,000 people to sign a petition calling the moose to be culled. He and his committee also met Tuesday with the deputy minister of natural resources and further meetings with officials will be held through the fall, the CBC reported.

The anti-moose forces are ready to stir things up with town hall meetings.

We got the public behind us, he said.

For Nippard, it's personal. He was in a car that hit a moose six years ago, and he and two other passengers were hospitalized.

I got scars to take to my grave and my niece was injured also, he said. Thank God, none of us was killed but it gave us a bad fright.