September 10, 2009

Evicted rooster may get to stay home

A Miami Beach, Fla., man who was told his pet rooster is illegal said officials told him he may be able to keep the bird if the city manager's office consents.

Mark Buckley, who was issued a $50-per-day fine in July and ordered to get rid of his rooster, Mr. Clucky, said he and his attorney met with Mayor Matti Herrera Bower to discuss his options in trying to get around a city law prohibiting fowl in residential zones, the Miami Herald reported Thursday.

The city attorney and Mayor Bower seem to be working toward the same resolution, which is to allow this rooster to stay, Buckley said. We are all trying to find a way to let Mr. Clucky stay with me.

Buckley said the mayor told him a special exemption for Mr. Clucky would have to come from the city manager's office.

It's not that we're picking on Mr. Clucky, Bower said Thursday. It's that the law is the law. He wants us to change the law and that would mean all farm animals would be allowed. And that's just not good.

Bower said she would ask City Manager Jorge Alvarez to grant the exemption.