September 10, 2009

Group plans nude protest on beach

A California nudist group said it is planning a nude protest at the state-run Trail 6 beach in San Onofre against a new ban on going naked.

Allen Baylis, a Huntington Beach, Calif., attorney and a leader of the Naturist Action Committee, said the group is calling for beach-goers to shed their clothing at Trail 6 Sunday to protest the state Department of Parks and Recreation's announcement that nude sunbathers will be cited at the beach, which was previously considered clothing-optional, the Orange County (Calif.) Register reported Thursday.

Really it kind of comes down to that the state has better things to spend their money on than running after naked people on the beach, Baylis said.

Roy Stearns, a spokesman for the Department of Parks and Recreation, said he does not agree with the decision to protest.

You know forcing a confrontation doesn't solve this problem and just makes the lack of civility in this issue worse, Stearns said. They're entitled to have a rally but what's the purpose of the rally I would ask.