September 11, 2009

Louisville council blasts saggy pants

City officials in Louisville, Ky., have wagged a collective finger at those who wear droopy pants, passing a toothless resolution urging they quit sagging.

The Louisville Metro Council voted 25-0 in favor of the anti-sagging resolution, which states people are needlessly in public exposing their undergarments and council members believe this style of dress sets a bad example for the youth of this community to view, and even worse, it may influence them to want to mimic, The (Louisville) Courier-Journal reported Friday.

The measure urges residents to wear their pants or trousers at an appropriate level on their waist, so as not to expose their undergarments and/or skin.

Councilwoman Judy Green, D-1st District, the primary sponsor of the resolution, admitted the measure doesn't have any teeth, but said she hopes the resolution will help convince young men to pull their pants up and look respectable.

Sagging -- the wearing pants so low the person's underwear shows -- was popularized by hip-hop artists in the early 1990s. The sartorial style reportedly was inspired by the prohibition of belts for prisoners, who could use them to commit suicide, strangle others or as a weapon.