September 12, 2009

18-foot pet python gets new home

A monster python named Delilah has been moved to a new home in Florida amid concerns her back yard cage couldn't contain her, Apopka authorities said.

The 18-foot pet snake is at least 16 years old and weighs more than 400 pounds, Florida Fish and Wildlife investigator Rick Brown told The Miami Herald in a story published Saturday.

To me it's a Goliath. It's a monster of a snake, Brown said, adding it was the largest snake he had ever seen.

Delilah was removed from her Apopka home Friday and taken to a person licensed to care for reptiles, Brown said.

Until Friday, the snake was being cared for by Melvin Cheever of Apopka, the brother of the python's owner. Cheever said his brother was moving to West Virginia and left the snake behind to prepare a new home for her.

I fed her this morning; gave her seven rabbits. She is as docile as can be. She's as happy as can be, Cheever said, acknowledging the python had escaped its enclosure in the past.