September 13, 2009

Sumo wrestling highlights Pa. election

The mayor of Lansdale, Pa., says he and his opponent in the upcoming mayoral election donned inflatable suits to take part in a public sumo wrestling event.

Lansdale Mayor Andy Szekely said he and former Borough Council President Ben Gross, his opponent in November's election, decided to mimic oversized sumo wrestlers in an attempt to increase public interest in their mayoral race, The Philadelphia Inquirer said Sunday.

We wanted to get together and do something quirky, Szekely said.

On Saturday, the two public officials equipped with their inflatable sumo outfits wrestled in Whites Road Park to the delight of dozens of event attendees.

The event even featured an undercard filled with candidates for the borough council wrestling one another for the public's amusement.

The Inquirer said in the main event, a tense battle between the Republican Szekely, 39, and Democrat Gross, 40, ended with Gross knocking his opponent out of the ring in the third and final round.

I love him like a brother, even though he snores like a chainsaw, Gross said of Szekely following his sumo wrestling win.