September 13, 2009

Baby alligator among items seized by TSA

The Transportation Security Administration says it has seized 123,189 items from passengers at three New York-area airports, including a baby alligator.

The New York Post said Sunday also among the tens of thousands of prohibited items seized since January at the three local airports was a 6-foot-long African spear and a gassed-up chainsaw.

The federal agency said other items that passengers were not allowed to board flights with include unwashed adult toys, 10-point deer antlers and even a kitchen sink.

The unidentified passenger caught attempting to travel from New York to Puerto Rico with a baby alligator had the live animal strapped to his thigh in an attempt to fool airport officials.

Meanwhile, a total of 122 passengers were stopped at Newark Liberty International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia Airport since January for attempting to board flights with ammunition and gunpowder.

The Post said the three airports also account for nearly 450 pounds worth of abandoned goods each month.