September 14, 2009

Nearly 10,000 set cancan record

Organizers of a mass cancan in Scotland said nearly 10,000 people participated in the dance to set a world record.

Officials with soft drink company IRN-BRU said the main event at Sunday's Can Clan festival in Glasgow, which also featured live music and free IRN-BRU for participants, was a five-minute cancan performed by nearly 10,000 people and confirmed as a record by a Guinness World Records adjudicator in attendance.

Robin Barr, who oversaw the Can Clan for IRN-BRU, praised the festival as a success and cheered participants for setting the world record.

IRN-BRU Can Clan has captured the imagination of Scots from all over the country, even reaching other parts of the world such as Australia where people have signed up to be part of the Clan, he said. I'm delighted that so many thousands have come together today for what can only be described as a phenomenal celebration and a record of which we can all be extremely proud.