September 16, 2009

Cockroaches delivered to rental official

A left-wing Swedish group has claimed responsibility for sending live cockroaches to a man whose firm owns several rental property companies.

The group, Antifascist Action, said it delivered the package to the suburban Stockholm home of Simon Kling, vice president of Norway-based investment firm Acta, because the company has let several rental properties which they own fall into disrepair while the leadership lives well in their newly renovated houses, The Local reported Wednesday.

Police said they were called to Kling's home Wednesday evening to investigate a suspicious package outside his front door and inside the parcel they found 21 live cockroaches and a note demanding rental property management companies owned by Acta begin renovating properties in the Rosengard neighborhood of Malmo, Sweden.

Start renovating the buildings in Rosengard in Malmo immediately, the note read. The message was signed by Antifacist Action and the group later confirmed its involvement on its Web site.