September 16, 2009

Man charged with drunk scooter driving

Authorities in Milwaukee said a man arrested for drunken driving was operating a three-wheeled electric scooter on Interstate 43.

Sheriff's deputies said they pulled over Daniel Samplanski, 35, at 2:24 a.m. Friday when he was spotted driving the medical scooter on the ramp from southbound Interstate 43 to eastbound Interstate 794, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported Wednesday.

Deputies said Samplanski told them the scooter belonged to a neighbor and he had driven it to a bar earlier in the evening.

I got confused. I'm drunk. What am I doing on the ... freeway? I am trying get off, deputies quoted the suspect as saying.

Samplanski, who has at least four prior convictions for alcohol-related driving charges, was charged with operating while intoxicated. He could face up to six years in prison if convicted.