September 18, 2009

Logs smash into home for the third time

A Swedish man said he is repairing damage his house incurred when the home was struck by a truckload of timber for the third time.

Erold Sigurdsson, 65, of Ortrask, said he heard the familiar sound of a timber truck driving around the corner while he was in his attic Thursday, The Local reported.

I realized what was happening when things started rumbling and the house started shaking. All the doors were blocked by the logs so I had to wait for help, Sigurdsson said.

He said lumber trucks have lost their loads along the sharp turn and sent timber rolling into his home twice before.

The first time was in 1989 and the second time the house really took a licking was about five years ago, he said.

This time, Sigurdsson said the logs ripped his front porch from his house, punched a hole in his front door and busted eight windows. The runaway timber also crushed the roof of his car.