September 20, 2009

Ohio woman offers cheating regret on sign

A 19-year-old woman in Sandusky, Ohio, says she wore a sign proclaiming her regrets for her infidelity in an attempt to win back her disgruntled boyfriend.

Sandusky High School graduate Jess Duttry said she recently wore her sign admitting her cheating history out in public in order to potentially get a second chance from the man she cheated on this summer, The Sandusky (Ohio) Register said Saturday.

I cheated, Duttry's sign reads. Honk if I deserve a second chance.

I honestly love him, the sign offers on back.

Duttry said her fiance, who was not identified, broke off their engagement after she admitted her indiscretion. To mend her wrongs, she took to the streets of Sandusky Wednesday, the day of their one-year anniversary.

I just want a chance to redeem myself, said Duttry, who told the Register she received 57 honks from passing motorists during an hour and a half period. I honestly feel bad. If I have to stand out here in the rain for him to take me back, I will.