September 21, 2009

Man arrested without pants at laundromat

Authorities in Florida said a homeless man arrested outside of a laundromat told deputies he wasn't wearing pants because they were inside being washed.

Collier County Sheriff's deputies said James Lowe, 59, was spotted outside of the coin-operated laundry Saturday in East Naples with nothing on below the waist but a jean jacket that was not completely covering his genitalia, the Naples (Fla.) Daily News reported Monday.

At this time, there were several adults and small children walking around the plaza and in and out of the coin-operated laundry, the deputies' report of the incident states.

The report said Lowe, who deputies said appeared impaired and had been drinking from a glass of what smelled like alcohol, told the investigators his pants and personal belongings were being cleaned inside the laundromat.

Deputies said Lowe had previously been charged with trespassing on the property and attempted to walk away while he was being handcuffed. He was charged with indecent exposure in public, trespassing, having an open container of alcohol in a public area and resisting an officer without violence.