September 21, 2009

Masked police trigger school lockdown

Officials at a Michigan high school said the facility went into lockdown when a lunch lady mistook a masked man, the chief of police, for a sinister invader.

Montrose High School Principal Jim Ply said the lunch lady saw Montrose Police Chief Darrell Ellis and a colleague pulling stocking masks over their faces outside of the school while she was taking out the trash Thursday, The Flint (Mich.) Journal reported Monday.

Ply said the woman returned to the building and reported what she saw, leading about 180 students to be evacuated from the cafeteria to the gym. The principal said the school was put on lockdown.

However, Chief Ellis said he was at the school for a mock robbery, an annual event in Sue Donley's forensic science class aimed at teaching students how to interview witnesses.

Ply praised the reaction of the staff and said steps are being taken to ensure future mock robberies do not trigger security procedures.

They'll change inside the school, Ply said.