September 22, 2009

Couple: Speaker buried instead of dog

Authorities in Florida say they found nothing to back up a couple's claim that firefighters buried a speaker instead of their dog, killed in a mobile home fire.

Bay County officials said investigators were unable to find any evidence supporting the contention of Travis and Sheila Davis, who said firefighters promised to bury their 3-year-old Pekingese, Gizmo, after he died in the Aug. 14 fire but instead left his remains in their burned-out home and buried a speaker instead, the Panama City (Fla.) News Herald reported Tuesday.

The grave is out there with the speaker in it, Travis Davis said. I guess their motive was they wanted me to think they buried the dog but they didn't.

Bay County Fire Chief Mark Bowen said an investigation did not find any supporting evidence.

We regret the family's loss, but our investigation really hasn't turned up anything that supports the allegation, Bowen said. We regret that they weren't satisfied with our services, but again we found no wrongdoing on the part of any county firefighters.

However, the couple said authorities never spoke with them or visited their property to investigate the claims.