September 23, 2009

Underpants cater to left-handed men

A British underwear manufacturer said it is catering to the left-handed demographic with a line of men's underwear designed for ambidextrous access.

Underwear brand Hom said the new underpants, which went on sale Wednesday at store chain Debenhams, forgo the traditional vertical slit on the right for a horizontal slit at the top of the gusset, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

The designers of the underwear said left-handed men can save three valuable seconds at the toilet by switching to their brand.

Almost 10 percent of the male population are believed to be left handed. Yet men's pants have traditionally had a right handed opening from the time they were invented in 1935, Rob Faucherand, head of men's accessories buying for Debenhams, said. As a result, left handed men have to reach much further into their pants, performing a Z shaped maneuver through two 180 degree angles before achieving the result that right handed men perform with ease.