September 23, 2009

Record attempt ended by snake bite

A South African man's world record attempt for living with the most venomous snakes ended when he was bitten on the foot by a puff adder.

Johannes Swart, 34, was on his 37th day Monday living in a glass enclosure with 40 venomous snakes, including boomslangs, cobras and puff adders when one of the serpents bit him on the foot, leading paramedics to fear he could go into cardiac arrest and call off the stunt, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.

I saw him yesterday and he was in extreme pain but he is stable in hospital where the doctors are trying to relieve the pressure on his foot, said David Dennis, owner of the Chameleon Village Reptile and Conservation Park in Hartbeespoort, where Swart was attempting the feat. They said he could lose some of his toes.

Dennis said Swart is planning to resume his record attempt when he is released from the hospital.