September 24, 2009

Mass. considers official food proposals

Massachusetts lawmakers said they are weighing proposals to give official state status to the Fluffernutter, Necco Wafers and the Charleston Chew.

Members of the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight said Friday's hearing will discuss whether the Fluffernutter, a sandwich made from peanut butter and Marshmallow Fluff, which is made in Lynn, Mass., is worthy to become the official sandwich of Massachusetts, the Boston Globe reported Thursday.

The committee will also consider a bid to make Necco Wafers the official state candy and a push for the Charleston Chew to become the official state candy bar.

A lot of these bills are filed by school groups, said Lainey Titus, chief of staff for committee chairman Rep. Steven Walsh, D-Lynn. In general, a couple of these sometimes go through every year.

The committee is also slated to hear proposals for the elephant to be named official state mammal, Red Sox-themed romantic comedy Fever Pitch to be named official state movie and 6 to be named the state's official number.