September 27, 2009

Boston celebrates Marshmallow Fluff

Bostonians say there's nothing like their beloved Marshmallow Fluff, a sugary local confection celebrated during the weekend at the city's Union Square.

Fans of the treat -- made of corn and sugar syrups, vanilla flavor and egg white "“ gathered Saturday in Boston to honor the local favorite at the annual What the Fluff? festival, The Boston Globe reported.

The creamy white stuff was created in 1917 by Archibald Query and has been locally made ever since. Its manufacturer, Durkee-Mower Inc., is based in Lynn, Mass.

The newspaper said one Fluff recipe, the Fluffernutter sandwich -- in which the marshmallow treat is combined with peanut butter -- is under consideration by Massachusetts legislators as official state sandwich.

Kate Doyle, 22, of Brookline, Mass., told the Globe she spent about six hours cooking up a fluffle truffle for the festival, in which she took a Fluffernutter sandwich and combined it with crumbled chocolate cake.

(Fluff is) so cheap and tastes delicious, Doyle said.