September 28, 2009

3.3 pound burger has 2,645 calories

A British fast-food restaurant is hailing its signature dish, the Super Scooby, as the country's largest and most fattening burger.

Officials with the Jolly Dryer restaurant in Bristol, England, said the 2,645-calorie burger includes four 1/4-pound beef patties, eight strips of bacon, eight cheese slices, 12 onion rings, three sauces and a generous serving of lettuce, Sky News reported Monday.

Nick Lomvardos, 42, owner of the restaurant, said the 3.3 pound sandwich has yet to leave a customer hungry.

None of our customers have ever been disappointed by the Super Scooby, he said. We have never heard of a bigger one being served up anywhere else and we are challenging any big eaters to come along and finish one. If you can manage that then we'll give you a free can of Diet Coke. I have never tried eating one myself but I'd struggle to finish one half the size.