September 29, 2009

911 call reports fire at dispatcher’s home

A Massachusetts 911 dispatcher said he was shocked to receive a call reporting a fire at the apartment he shares with his parents.

Mike Bowes of Quincy, Mass., said he thought there might have been a mistake when a caller reporting a fire gave his address as the location of the blaze, WHDH-TV, Boston, reported Tuesday.

It's surreal. You don't believe. You hear it, and it's not registering, Bowes said. I was like are you sure? Are you sure on the address? I said tell me if you're sure cause it's my house.

Bowes said he rushed home and was relieved to find his parents standing safely outside. However, he said everything inside the apartment was destroyed.

Nobody died. We can rebuild. The things we lost, we can get back. They're material things, Bowes said.

The State Fire Marshal said investigators determined the fire was caused by a neighbor's unattended outdoor fireplace.