September 29, 2009

County to auction airport horse

A Florida airport that obtained a 22-year-old horse along with a 29-acre land purchase said the animal will be sold at an auction next month.

Officials with St. Lucie County International Airport said they agreed to help find the horse a home after the previous property owner, T&T Land Ltd., was unable to find a new home for the equine before vacating the land Aug. 17, reported Tuesday.

Airport director Diana Lewis said airplane workers and other county staff members with experience around horses are caring for the animal until the auction.

He's a nice horse, and he is very friendly to my staff, Lewis said. We'd like to get him into a good home.

Assistant County Attorney Heather Young said bidders are being carefully vetted ahead of the Oct. 23 auction.

We want to be sure he goes to someone who will take good care of him, she said, so we are having bidders fill out an application first and we'll be checking them.